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Houston, Texas BABY

For the last two years, July has been a game-changing month. In July 2015, while vacationing in New Orleans for the Essence Festival, I ate at the famous Ruby Slipper (my FAVORITE restaurant in NOLA). My dining experience allowed me to talk to two lovely ladies about their hometown, Houston, TX. We spent close to an hour together and they shared how much they both loved Houston. They expressed their love for the city as it relates to lifestyle, culture, quality of life, and economic opportunity. These women were speaking my kind of language and making Houston look very appealing. As soon as I returned to NYC, I went into full research mode, Houston was my new focus.

On July 4, 2016, I became a resident of the fourth largest city in the US, home of the uber talented Queen Bey and a city that truly has stolen my heart. Houston, Texas BABY!

Until that faithful encounter at the Ruby Slipper, Houston was not on my radar. I knew I wanted to relocate from NYC, but only considered cities along the East Coast. Once I started researching Houston, it felt like the ideal city for me. It met my criteria: large diverse city, affordable housing price, booming economy, good schools, exceptional hospitals, warm weather (aka NO SNOW), and a great city for entrepreneurs.

Wonder what July 2017 will bring...

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