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Recently I've had a number of conversations about the idea of "to share or not to share," one's plans on flipping the zip.

Here is my experience...

As soon as I declared that I was going to flip the zip, I told everyone. I decided not to be secretive about my flip because I was clear that this flip was bigger than me. I was determined to let my faith be bigger than my fear. My rationale was, how can I say that I have faith that things are going to work out, if I functioned in fear.

I never worried about naysayers and negativity, mainly because I removed that platform for those people years ago. That's not to say that it didn't happen, it just never came directly to me. I also think that others picked up the energy of confidence when I shared my plans. There is power in our words, my message from the beginning was, "I'm moving to Houston!" In comparison to, "I'm thinking about it," or "hopefully, I'll move to Houston." Not to say that you can't say that, just recognize the difference in the messaging. If people see hesitation, indecision, or fear, they will feed into that.

I also shared with others my plans for networking and support. You never know who knows someone in your next zip, this especially applies to people moving to big cities/metropolitans. When I say that I told everyone, I mean that. People looked out for me, made calls on my behalf, and made my flip much smoother. Remember, I flipped to a place where I have no family (not even in driving distance), no close friends (at the time) and NO JOB. Everything that I obtained in the time I've been here: my great job, beautiful apartment, great school for my son, my circle of support, etc. was from relationships and networking.There is no one on the face of this Earth that could have taken away what was destined for me. I'm not saying that my way is the way for you, I am just offering that if you shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance, you may be amazed by the results.

Lastly, you are the expert of your life. There may be valid reasons why you have to move in silence. If that is the case, please don't get offended by my share. It is just my experience. However, if you are silencing your voice to please others or because you feel powerless instead of empowered, this post is for you!

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